how can you prevent cancer

Much research has been done on how foods could affect risk of prostate cancer. The following are cited from news articles published early on to give readers a glimpse of what men can.The Prevent Cancer Foundation ® is committed to Stop Cancer Before It Starts! ® through four pillars:You don’t have to be an international scientist to understand how you can try to protect yourself and your family. The 10 commandments of cancer prevention are: 1. Avoid tobacco in all its forms, including exposure to secondhand smoke. 2. Eat properly.You can also rub a couple of cut kiwifruit on a low-fat cut of meat as a tenderizer to help protect the meat during grilling from those harmful cancer-causing compounds. Make sure you know which.While a family history of cancer is one of those risk factors you can’t change, it can help us make better choices when it comes to avoiding cancer. Most of us know, for example, that certain genes can predispose a person to breast cancer.There is no sure way to prevent stomach cancer, but there are things you can do that could lower your risk. Diet, nutrition, body weight, and physical activity. The dramatic decline of stomach cancer in the past several decades is thought to be a result of people reducing many of the known dietary risk factors.You may be at high risk of breast cancer if you have a mother or sister who developed breast or ovarian cancer (especially at an early age) or if you have multiple family members (including males) who developed breast, ovarian or prostate cancer. A doctor or genetic counselor can help you understand your family history of the disease.You already know that lung cancer can develop in someone who’s never smoked a cigarette and that the disease is linked to lifestyle risk factors, like exposure to radon and asbestos. The good news is.How Can I Prevent Cancer? Tips for cancer prevention include:. Avoid smoking.If you do smoke, quit. Avoid too much sun exposure and wear sunscreen outdoors.; Eat a nutritious diet and exercise.Cancer prevention is action taken to lower the chance of getting cancer. By preventing cancer, the number of new cases of cancer in a group or population is lowered. Hopefully, this will lower the number of deaths caused by cancer. Some risk factors for cancer can be avoided, but many cannot. For.

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